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trees planted in Iceland. Thanks to our customers!

Tree Planting in Iceland | How Your Order Fights Climate Change

Help Us Fight Climate Change

The Mission Iurie Belegurschi's passion for the conservation of Iceland’s nature is an integral part of his photography. Driven by first-hand experience witnessing the retreat of Iceland’s glaciers, he has dedicated his mission and the mission of Iurie | Fine Art to the fight against climate change. This undertaking is part of everything we do, including in the print orders of our works. How Your Print Order Helps Offset your Carbon Footprint We are proud to have partnered with Kolviður, the Iceland Carbon Fund, to offset the carbon footprint of your print shipment through tree planting. Plant a Tree in Iceland The Iceland Carbon Fund will do this by planting a tree in your name as part of the county’s reforestation efforts. This operation is not only critical in the long-term fight against climate change but the short-term protection of the retreating glaciers. The more prints you order, the more trees will be planted in your name. Where Will Your Tree Be Planted? Forests are being regrown in several designated areas within Iceland. Thus far, this includes Geitasandur in the south, Úlfljótsvatn in the south-west, and near Húsavík in the north.

The Iceland Carbon Fund Reduces

Carbon Emissions image

The Iceland Carbon Fund Reduces Carbon Emissions

The more trees planted, the more carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere.

Soil Erosion image

Soil Erosion

Iceland’s top-soil is protected by deep rooted vegetation such as trees.

Glacial Retreat image

Glacial Retreat

Forests protect glaciers from the warm winds that expedite their decline.

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How it works

More details
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Step 1

You Order a Print

The first step is to place an order by following the directions on our secure, user-friendly website.


Step 2


Part of the proceeds from your print will be automatically sent to the Iceland Carbon Fund. You will receive a thank you email letting you know where your tree will be planted.


Step 3


The Iceland Carbon Fund then plants a tree in your name. These new trees sequester CO2 in forests and decrease the level of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Why we are doing this

Your Trees

will be an essential part of of the fight against climate crisis though the photosynthesis process, which turns excess carbon dioxide into oxygen

will offset the carbon footprint of your shipment allowing you to order without worry

will combat the soil erosion that threatens Iceland’s other vegetation

will block warm winds that threaten to expedite the melting of Iceland’s glaciers

will create a memento to your commitment to being part of the fight against the climate crisis

we want to

support the protection of Iceland’s nature through tangible actions

empower local groups seeking to advance conservation efforts

inspire global action dedicated to fighting the climate crisis 

educate buyers on their role in the protection of our planet

allow our supporters to make orders with a clear conscience

Tree Planting in Iceland So Far

Thus far, iurie | fine art is proud to have been a part of planting 87 trees in Iceland through our collaboration with the Iceland Carbon Fund.