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iurie belegurschi

is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic Region. Self-taught, he is renowned for his impressive talent for capturing the power, majesty and vulnerability of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. He is particularly esteemed for his breathtaking images of Iceland, where he is based, most notably of the country’s Northern Lights, Ice Caves and Volcanoes.

Part of why Iurie is so respected in his field and admired by nature-lovers is his unmatched talent in low-light photography; each shot imparts a stunning air of mysticism. Furthermore, his willingness to put himself in challenging landscapes under extreme conditions, often for weeks at a time, has allowed him to capture images few others would have the steeliness to obtain.

This dedication has unveiled the energy, magic and epic beauty of Iceland’s wilderness at its most primordial. As such, Iurie’s award-winning photographs are immediately distinguishable by their awe-inspiring compositions.

His extraordinary portfolio, however, does not just bestow a sense of wonder at the world upon its viewers but an understanding of the importance of its preservation. Every photograph pushes an agenda of conservationism more compelling than any words could.

After all, Iurie’s photographic mission is to inspire global action dedicated to fighting the climate crisis, driven by his first-hand experiences witnessing the retreat of Iceland’s glaciers. Through his documentation of the fragility and majesty of the environment, he seeks to educate his audience on their role in the protection of our magnificent planet.

By collaborating with scientists, conservationists and other artists, this mission gains strength with every image he develops.

Iurie’s message has perhaps been most impactful through his acclaimed photography exhibitions of Iceland’s nature, which have been excellently received both domestically and abroad. Such showcases of his incredible portfolio have proved his excellence as a visual storyteller, spellbinding audiences with both the striking beauty of his photographs and their impactful, poignant narratives.

Aside from his exhibitions, his groundbreaking images have been featured internationally in calendars, advertising, books, magazines and countless other media outlets.

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